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Vacuity comes as a  flow , 

Tutelage makes the contrivance.



You are the one positivity than anyone in this world.

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Not all appreciations are good. some are fake and cruel. Sometimes it makes irritations too. Real appreciation is finding out your fault, making changes for the strides, standing out when you are nothing. Never focus on the people who are back – stabbing you. Walk away from the people who are making hurdles for your…

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Spills of lime!

People who say ‘ I wish to be ‘, comes for their needs, People who say ‘ I like to be ‘, comes for their upliftments, People who say ‘ I will be ‘, comes for their appreciations, So never rely on Trust you! That one day is waiting for you to celebrate! The turn…

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Colorful Roses

Red with unconditional love, Pink comes with charming beauty, Yellow bouquet with mild entry, Orange shades with delights, white ends with big heart. _sarcastic_bella_

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Bosom buddy

CICERONE: Become a cicerone in strides, deny the false people. DOCENT: Acts as a docent at zebra crossing, cycling and supper times. CONSORT: Consort – of coffee times! CHAPERON: Accompanying at representative schedules and work loads. ‘ BETTER CHAPERON ‘ – After my professor (miss ancy). CONVOY: Lady escort , in mutual. By her convoy…

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Architecture starts with the vision of how a individual enters ,discovers, learns,interprets and records it. Best of pictures makes over certainly because of the learning content from the places as a wanderlust. black and whites pictures over than others. black and white pictures the classic ancient culture and its wonderment. i am happy of being…

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Blue color seems to be the classy one. It makes the spectator to do something great. Best of ever combination starts with the color blue. The successful people mostly prefer blue as their dress code. whenever you surround a blue contrast , outlets wow excitement. The color of navy, IT company buildings, specialized hospitals, computer…

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“Laugh like a baby, live like a queen” -anonymous Happiness is not with family, is not with friends, is not with society, Happiness is in you. -anonymous Don’t hurt yourself for anyone. Because no one is 100% guarantee for your happiness. – Jansi Rani. T Be happy and make others happy. Blissful I am !…

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Today is not yet started , after the great lunch… I am eager to start my lovely progress towards education. May the inner confidence in me, boost the energy to proceed. In this world, more than anything or anyone – I Love *myself. I am the Princess now! Will work on to rule the kingdom…

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Connecticut of whole world , seems to be in different sorts accordingly. The communion of the people seems the way. It may be the worse/ waste? who knows??? Streets speaks a lot to ethical values, where we come across, all sorts of people over there. ‘BE THE CHANGE, CHANGE IS ON PROGRESS’, ‘NEVER SHOWCASE WHO…

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